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Pyramidal Memories Transmutation

Pyramidal Memories Transmutation (or P.M.T) is a technology chanelled in France in 1994 by naturopath and scientist Joel Ducatillon. He developed 7 glass encoders and through multiple profound channellings, filled these glass tubes with codes that enable them to 'vacuum up' soul memories held in the DNA and transmute them,
cleansing hampering memories, unhelpful heritage and unnecessary negativity.
The encoders, during a 45 minute (hands off) session, remove the blocks, emotional traumas and karmic knots. Thanks to this 5th dimensional technology that transmutes the cellular memory holding back your progress. After a session you become more clear, lighter and able to take a step back from blocked or painful situations in your life which are the result of past Soul experiences, in your life, your past life or your family line.

During a PMT session your soul itself chooses which memories are the most hampering and need to be released. Right from the first session, many of the old memories enter into a process of self-transmutation. It then takes about 21 days (after the Pyramidal Memories cleaning session) to metabolise these positive changes into the body.

The goal of PMT is to remember and feel again your true essence, removing and transmuting soul paradigms associated with trauma and suffering. After a few sessions, people's lives change dramatically for the better, because their vibrations are more pure and they are much more in touch with their true, authentic self - their soul as light. (Joel observeds that this soul cleaning has the following positive influence - 90% on mental and emotional bodies, 80% on the etheric body, 60% on the physical body.

P.M.T. is not a therapy, you have nothing to do during the session but sit comfortably in a chair and allow the process to take place. As PMT accelerates your transformation you may feel sensations or see vivid thoughts, or you may simply fall asleep, all are possible. In this work, neither the person nor the operator are tired by this process. Times, humanity and our planet are changing ever faster. This technology has been kindly offered to us by those with more advanced knowledge, to speed up our necessary transformation and advancement.

Joël Ducatillon

PMT is practiced worldwide. To try a session, visit the directory.



PMT - Pyramidal Memories Transmutation

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